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Georgia Kettlebell Sport

We offer training in Kettlebell Sport for ALL ages, we host competitions, conduct workshops, and provide 1:1 and group coaching.

Kettlebell Sport is an excellent sport for people of all ages, body types, and athletic background. This is both a STRENGTH and an ENDURANCE sport, challenging you to improve form and technique to achieve more reps per set.

Our Services

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Interested in learning about Georgia Kettlebell Sport in a small group setting? We host workshops at our home gym in Marietta, or we can bring our expertise to you. 

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Training Plans & Coaching

Most people quickly find that if they want to progress in the sport, moving up in ranks and weight, an individualized coaching program is essential.

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We organize Kettlebell Sport competitions all over the state of Georgia, working with different leagues to bring different opportunities to those interested in competing.

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Youth Development

Kettlebell Sport is a great option for kids who are looking for a fun, supportive sports competition experience. It's great cross training and off-season conditioning for kids who are in other sports, too.


Swing Fit

Kettlebells are some of the most versatile fitness tools around. In Swing Fit, we use the kettlebell as our primary (but not only!) strength tool for a fun and unique fitness experience.

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